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The Lord is My Shepherd

19th March 2012


Psalm 23:1
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." (NLT )

One of the joys of being saturated by the Word of God is that
one word can open up for us new horizons of understanding.

David was a shepherd, as a young man,
before he was ever a king.
I often wonder when he wrote this psalm.
They sound like kingly words.
God would, and still does, use his name
to comfort people down through the ages.

He is "my shepherd."
This speaks of God's very personal relationship with me.
But it has a special meaning for us all
when he adds the word "good".
He said, "I am the good shepherd."
He calls me by name,
supplies, sustains, and protects me from evil.
Is it any wonder that "I shall not want."
My body demands food.
I need comfortable clothing and a warm and secure home.
All bodily and earthly needs.

But David is writing here about spiritual needs,
and God is never backward
in supplying our spiritual needs

It is interesting to note that in all this psalm
David does not cry for help.
The most touching words I believe are these,
"He restores my soul."
This statement is a proclamation of faith and joy.
Can we make the same statement?

Bob Imms 18.3.20


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