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The Spirit Himself will bear witness

24th October 2009

Romans 8:16

We can as easily read this verse to mean all of us
or each one of us.
For me, these words are saying
“God’s Spirit will bear witness with my spirit.”
Note that “our spirit” is singular.

Well can we imagine Charles Wesley’s pain when he wrote:
“Long my imprisoned spirit lay
fast bound in sin and nature’s night.”

It’s the Holy Spirit Himself who introduced us to our Father God
- and He does through our individual spirits.
It is our spirits that are enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

Then the Father does something wonderful for us.
He gives a special title:
“Children of God.”
I am a child of God and I am special in His sight.
Isaiah says
“I have called you by name and you are mine.
You are precious in my sight
And special and I love you.”

God is a wonderful equaliser.
In the midst of all of our technological achievements
we are each still a child of God.
When we enter God’s promised kingdom
whatever our achievements
in God’s sight we are all
“His children.”
And I would not want it any differently.

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