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Thinking outside the Square

3rd March 2014

 Eph 1:13
Having also believed, you were sealed in Him
with the Holy Spirit of promise.”
If it were possible to cast off the shackles of our humanity,
and if for a moment we were able
to dwell within the presence of the
“Father of glory”,
then we would have to free ourselves
from the limited vision of our human time span.
How can we understand what it means to be
“sealed in him with the Holy Spirit of promise”
unless we think outside of the square we are living in.
This understanding can only come
when we experience “having also believed,”
not just in the Jesus of Judea,
 nor the historical Jesus,
nor the agonising one in the garden,
but also the resurrected presence with Mary in the garden,
who was so bathed in glory that He could not be touched.
The word “sealed” takes us back to our ancestors’ time
 when letters were sealed with wax
 signifying that they were protected.
When God places his seal upon us
 that moment is more precious to us
 than all the years of our living.
This change can only happen because God has said to us
“I have redeemed you, I call you by name
and you are mine”.
The Word proclaims that,
“You are a shield around me, O Lord;
you bestow glory on me and lift me up.”

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