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This is Love

5th March 2013

The third ACC Discipleship and Evangelism 'Conversations' DVD considers God's Amazing Love. Three UCA ministers Derek Schiller, Deane Meatheringham and Jonathon Button converse about the following topics.

  • Conversation 1 Love is of God
  • Conversation 2 Does God get angry with us?
  • Conversation 3 All debts are off!
  • Conversation 4 The Judge's Verdict
  • Conversation 5 How reconciled can you be?
  • Conversation 6 Holy Communion with God

The DVD series is approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes in total, with the individual DVD sessions varying between 10 and 16 Minutes in length. 

The previous two DVDs have been very warmly received and used by many study groups in a variety of UCA congregations. All ACC Congregations and groups received copies of the DVD and the Study Booklet as part of their membership. Both the DVD and Study booklet can be freely copied for non-commercial purposes. They can also be purchased from the ACC office for $10.00 a set (posted). Contact the ACC office for further information.

Download the accompanying study booklet (for photocopying as a booklet): Click Here

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