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To be a Witness (Prayer-Hymn)

1st April 2011

A Prayer-Hymn to Prepare us for Witness


Lord Jesus Christ we come
to you again now.
Poor witnesses are we
and need the ‘know how'.
We love you deeply Lord
and want to speak your Word;
but few have really heard
a vital witness.

Lord, teach us how to share
you with our neighbour.
Prompt us again to prayer
for this our labour.
In our strength we're weak
and find it hard to speak
We're like a private club
and fail in witness.

O Living Lord, so mould
us and employ us,
that, Spirit-filled and bold,
winsome and joyous -
our lives may really glow,
our hearts just overflow
that others Christ may know
through faithful witness.

Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont, NSW.

Modelled on John Bunyan's Hymn "Who would true valour see"
Tune: "Monks Gate", AHB 467, Tis 561, and other
Hymn Books - maybe as "He who would valiant be ".


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