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Transfiguration (Poem)

18th February 2010

Recorded in Matthew ch 17:1-9; Mark ch 9:2-10; Luke ch 9:28-36 (NIV) and later recollected by the Disciple Peter in II Peter ch 1:16-18

Jesus transfigured is our theme,
revealing more than it might seem.
God's Son had come by incarnation.
Now hear the Father's declaration.

Our Lord had talked of His rejection,
to His disciples' deep dejection.
But God had planned a revelation
bringing His special confirmation.

They saw His glory through a vision
which pointed to the Saviour's mission.
Then God spoke reassuringly
His word to them - and you - and me.

Two visitors came on the scene,
and what could these old stalwarts mean?
Moses had pointed to the Law,
but now it was required no more.

Elijah stood for prophecy,
which always had validity,
and prophecies became fulfilled
in just the way that God had willed.

As these men talked there with the Lord,
‘departure' was their special word,
for on the cross He was to die,
and ‘It is finished' was His cry.

Peter just had to have his say,
and wanted on the Mount to stay.
But there was something he should know:
The valley waited there below.

A cross for Jesus lay ahead
and cross-bearing for them He said.
So near to heaven, He could have gone,
but did not till ‘His work' was done.

Recall the voice that came that day
and check again: what did God say?
‘This is my Son, listen to Him;
I love Him and am pleased with Him.'

The great men disappeared, we read,
for they had met that special need.
Now ‘Jesus only' could they see.
He touched and calmed them tenderly.

What value has this Bible story
of Jesus clothed in all His glory?
Why is the record written here?
Let's ponder what we all should hear.

For Jesus: honour, love and strength,
for He would face the cross at length.
Note God's approval of His Son,
and visitors who meant, ‘Go on!'

For the disciples who were scared
by forecasts of our blessed Lord,
God gave assurance that He knew
the way ahead they would go through.

For us: we really ought to pause
to see this God-appointed course.
Jesus would die to pardon sin,
and bring His great salvation in.

Dwell on the vision carefully,
and visitors significantly;
the valley, the confirming voice,
and value; then we face a choice.

Jesus to Bethlehem's manger came,
bearing that special ‘Saviour' name.
He taught God's word, but knew that He
must face the cross eventually.

That ‘Wondrous Cross' - it deals with sin,
brings pardon and new life within.
We all need this, perhaps today,
and Jesus said: ‘I am the Way!'

Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont (NSW)

10 February 2010

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    Thank you Perry. I have fond memories of you and Doreen and your ministry from EMU days.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 02/09 at 12:21 PM