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Yielded (Poem)

16th February 2011

                           Please keep me in your hands, Lord,
   and never let me go.
            If clay I am for moulding,
         I want you now to know
             I'm yielded so completely,
             just shape me as you will,
           and make of me a vessel
         your Spirit then can fill.

              Or Lord, if you're an Artist,
            then I would be a brush,
                     so yielded and controlled Lord,
                that, with no sense of rush,
           but patiently and gently,
                 please move me from above.
                   Then shall the finished picture
           be one of grace and love.

              Or thinking yet again, Lord,
If I am on the sea,
          a ship to sail the ocean,
             please take control of me.
                  I would not choose direction
           or dare the wheel to use.
      You be the navigator:
                      I'll take the course you choose.

              So this is what I'm saying:
            it's not my will and way.
                   You are my Lord and Master,
                    and you must have the sway.
             In all my life's decisions, 
             in every changing scene,
           I would be fully yielded,
                 controlled and kept serene.

Rev Perry Smith of Belmont, NSW.

                May be sung to "Aurelia", AHB 385 and TiS 457
or "Thornbury"AHB 389 and TiS 456.


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