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You betcha boldness!

19th August 2014

St Paul asked prayer for one thing above all else-paressia. Translated boldness, it has the root idea of a mouth that isn't dry! He wanted confident natural speech before those who might ridicule or behead him for evidencing the truth of the resurrected Messiah. In every generation the glorious benefits of Messiahs Kingdom have advanced and blessed individuals, communities and nations as a result of bold testimony. We can and must be bold - else be silent.
I was converted through the ministry of someone who was bold. I reckon that's true for all you readers. Might have been nurtured gently but converting ministry is bold. Without boldness nothing much happens for the Kingdom. Liberalism and scientism have intimidated church leaders. Not so apologist John Lennox, speaking recently in Australia who demonstrates the bold assumption, or the ‘given‘ of the Bibles authority rather than trying to prove it. This was the way of the Apostles, Reformers and the leaders of the Great Awakening who by it stimulated the formation of the democracies of the New World as well as signing to the gates of heaven.
Aborigine David Unaipon, Australia's Da Vinci conceptualised the helicopter, invented the modern farming shears and patented a host of inventions. But he was also a bold witness to Jesus and was arrested more than once for preaching open air on the streets of Adelaide. His favourite saying - "look at me and see what the Bible can do", boldly evidenced Christ in power. He knew his righteousness came from God. His picture is on our fifty dollar note. We should tell our children and grandchildren about him.
Boldness is confidence in the truth of the Gospel and rejection of the pseudo authorities of men and culture which oppose it. Essential weaponry today for Christ's soldiers and servants. Seeing and hearing this, the afflicted of society will listen and be glad, according to the Psalmist.
It is right to be confident about the commands of God and about the Written testimony to our Lord Jesus. It may be a reverent prayer at grace time when all the family are around including those who have drifted and in danger of turning their backs on eternal salvation. It may be a clear comment about the social evils of openly promoted homosexuality or the heresy of gay marriage. It may be the rational assertion of the folly of a Creator-less evolutionary myth or a score of other opportunities coming out of careful listening to our grand children.
A year ten lad in our home Bible seminar was bold. Leaving for school one morning recently he quipped to his parents about being in a new class-‘I wonder how long it will take for somebody to pay me out for being a Christian'. Off he went with almost thigh - slapping anticipation. After arriving home that night -"guess what- it only took the fourth lesson." The girl in front turned around and snarled,"so, you're a Jesus freak!" I stared her right in the eye for a second, then told her "you betcha, bring it on!" Somewhat shocked she conceded round one to our lad. Be bold!

Ian Clarkson


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