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The role of the various national and state bodies is to implement the following objectives:


  1. encourage the provision of reformed, evangelical and orthodox ministry of Word, sacrament and pastoral care in Confessing Congregations;
  2. encourage reformed, evangelical and orthodox Christian Education for leaders and lay people;
  3. bring a vigorous biblical perspective to contemporary public issues in a society that is increasingly ignorant about or hostile to orthodox Christianity;
  4. foster relationships of reconciliation and cooperation with members of indigenous
  5. foster relationships of cooperation and partnership with members of migrant ethnic congregations;
  6. provide lines of communication with members of the National Council of Churches in Australia, Partner Churches in Pacific and Asian Region, and encourage local inter-church cooperation;
  7. create an association of Confessing Ministry Workers and assist in the placement of suitable ministry agents in Confessing Congregations;
  8. assist and encourage the establishment of new Confessing Congregations;
  9. develop a simple administrative structure which serves to liberate the congregations to fulfill Christ's mission.
  10. distribute a regular publication for communication, education and encouragement;
  11. be a faithful steward of the resources entrusted to it from the Confessing Congregations.

Congregation Listing on ACC Website.

Following a decision to join and approval by the National Council, details (as provided by the congregation) will be made available on the website for information. ACC would appreciate the advice of member congregations to keep entries as up to date as possible - please contact the ACC office.