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New South Wales Movement - Operating Guidelines

  1. The New South Wales Movement of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia will be known as the ACC - NSW Movement.
  2. The purpose of our Movement is to provide for New South Wales members (individuals, groups and congregations) a facility for: liaison, equipping, supporting, training; ministry placements and evangelism.
  3. The ACC - NSW Movement will observe and follow the Objects, Founding Documents, Constitution and any other base policies and statements that are approved by the ACC National Assembly.
  4. Voting Members will be those persons who reside with in UCA Synod of NSW and who are:

    4.1 Financial individual members of the ACC
    4.2 Financial members of approved groups/associations within the ACC
    4.3 Nominated representatives of financial member congregations of the ACC as defined in the ACC Rules of Association
  5. The ACC - NSW Movement will, at its Annual General Meeting, elect an Executive Committee to consist of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Prayer & Worship Convenor, and 4 to 8 other members, including some with responsibility for defined ACC task areas such as liaison with ethnic congregations. The membership and structure of the Executive Committee may be altered at any time by a duly convened general meeting of ACC - NSW Movement.
  6. Meetings of the ACC - NSW Movement will be held as follows:

    6.1 There will be two formal general meetings of the ACC - NSW Movement each year, with the first meeting of the year being the Annual General Meeting
    6.2 The NSW Executive Committee of the ACC - NSW Movement should meet at least four (4) times each year, at a time and place to be determined by members of that Committee.
  7. General Meetings of ACC - NSW Movement will be convened by the Executive Committee, giving thirty days notice of the time, date and place of the meeting. Matters will be determined by simple majority, with
    voting eligibility in accord with Section 4 (above).
  8. General Meetings of ACC - NSW Movement may also be convened by the Executive Committee, or its Chair, on the request of either twenty eligible individual/group members or any three member congregations of ACC - NSW Movement.
  9. The ACC - NSW Movement will operate under the auspices of the National Executive of ACC, and it is not authorised to own or distribute funds or property.
  10. The Objectives of ACC - NSW Movement are drawn from the Charter for ACC (13 October 2006), and from our perceived role in this state, and are as follows:

    10.1 To encourage the provision of reformed, evangelical and orthodox ministry of Word, sacrament and pastoral care in Confessing Congregations

    BY: * Holding conferences and seminars, providing support and resources
    * Arranging meetings, fellowship and growth activities for ministry workers
    * Providing resources such as studies, taped talks etc. for members
    * Encouraging Wesley Institute in their willingness to coordinate this objective

    10.2 To encourage reformed, evangelical and orthodox Christian Education for leaders and lay people

    BY: * Assisting Wesley Institute in their representations to the National ACC for acceptance of their resources for pastoral care, youth workers and lay education in NSW
    * Requesting assistance from the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission in the provision of further resources

    10.3 To foster relationships of cooperation and partnership with members of migrant ethnic congregations

    BY: * Exploring ways to link up with, support and strengthen migrant, ethnic and multicultural congregations, groups and individual members
    * Requesting that the ACC Cross Cultural Commission provide important ACC documents, beginning with the “founding documents” as recorded in the Inaugural Meeting of ACC on 13-14 October 2006, in the required ethnic languages

    10.4 To create an association of Confessing Ministry Workers and assist in the placement of suitable ministry agents in Confessing Congregations

    BY: * Encouraging and arranging a range of meetings, fellowship opportunities, retreats and courses
    at state level
    * Requesting that the ACC Board of Communication develop a means to advertise vacant

    10.5 To assist and encourage the establishment of new Confessing Congregations

    BY: * Examining the distribution of members in individual lists with a view to encouraging the establishment of ACC-aligned “home churches” or congregations

    10.6 To develop a simple administrative structure which serves to liberate the congregations to fulfil Christ’s mission

    BY: * Ensuring that our state Executive Committee is small and effective, utilising the ACC National lines of communication and other facilities for its operation where possible

    10.7 To continue ongoing liaison and regular conversations with NSW Synod representatives, initiated by RA NSW in 2006

    BY: * Appointing delegates for this purpose

    10.8 To build state-wide communication links

    BY: * Establishing network contacts based on Presbytery membership, and to add to these contacts as growth in membership occurs - As accepted at the Annual General Meeting on 14 April 2007

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