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Western Australia

waUpdate about Western Australia

Several evangelical congregations and individuals in WA have formed a specific network within the WA Synod called PNEUMA – Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action.

PNEUMA has a positive regard for the ACC and their member congregations are free to join the ACC. Some congregations are members of both groups.

The following notes are from the first meeting record of the PNEUMA committee and are provided for information by agreement with PNEUMA.

Note 1: In Greek, the acronym PNEUMA means “breath” or “spirit”, as in “to pneuma to hagion” – “the Holy Spirit.”). It should be pronounced “new-ma” as in “pneumatic”.

Note 2: In the light of our previous discussions, this name is effectively our mission statement. It combines a commitment to providing Evangelical Christians with pastoral support and joint involvements in mission activity. The word “Uniting” has a double meaning – as a participle it implies working together. But it also hints at the Uniting Church background of our founding members, without excluding the possibility of other Evangelical Christians also linking up with us.

Each year PNEUMA holds the largest evangelical gathering in the Synod: CAMPFIRE

The 2018 CAMPFIRE will be held from 21 - 23 September. Download the information flyer.