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Prayers for the New Year

Prayer:  Thanksgiving for Years 

M   Almighty and Everlasting God

P   We praise you for filling our lives

      with blessings too numerous to count,

M  yet our days last no longer than grass,

      no longer than a wild flower.

P   One gust of wind and we are gone,

     yet your love for us lasts from eternity to eternity.

M   All honour to you Lord Jesus

P   Crucified, rejected for us,

M   yet raised up triumphant by God to the heights.

P   We honour and praise your holy name

      above all names.

M   Gracious Holy Spirit

       who leads us out of darkness

       into God’s marvellous light,

P    who assures our conscience that our sin

       and death has been destroyed,

M   who renews the youth within us

       like the strength of the eagle,

All  We lift up our hearts and minds to you,

        and caught by the wind of your Spirit,  

        our spirits soar high.

        We worship you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

        with our words, our voices

        and the years of our lives. AMEN.


E.A. (Ted) Curnow



Prayer:  New Year Confession

Lord God of time and eternity,

who has brought us to the beginning of another year.

We thank you for filling our lives over the past year

with more blessings than we can possibly recall or count.


Lord God, Giver of Life

who calls us to account.

With shame we confess that during 2017

that even our best intentions have failed you

in thought, word and deed.


We are truly sorry and turn from our sin to look upon Jesus.

In your mercy forgive us all that is past

and from falling short of your glory.


While we have been slow to learn,

You have been quick to protect, restore and save.


Baptise us with your Holy Spirit and newness of life.

Come to us so that we know we are truly forgiven,

like captives set free from the weight of the past.


Make us strong by the indwelling presence of your Spirit

to follow you now, into all the days of 2018

and through all the days of our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen.


The Word of Assurance

(Minister addresses the Congregation)

“Please repeat the following words after me,


As far as the east is from the west/,

so far has God/

removed our sin from us.

Thanks be to God.”

E.A. (Ted) Curnow



Intercession for Worship. 1

Lord we reach out in faith to you in this moment to bring our concerns and to intercede for others. We plead for your mercy, healing and life giving presence

in the world.

We pray for leaders of the nations who are entrusted with power, but who in frailty need your help and wisdom in a complex world. We pray for our Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition and all Federal members of Parliament, that they may seek just and sound policies and the blessing of Almighty God, consistent with the preamble of our National Constitution.

We pray for the persecuted church. Restrain and confound the dictators and tyrants of our time who abuse power and resort to rule by terror and fear. Lord we ask that you  protect vulnerable Christian communities. We pray for those who meet in secret and who share the pages of an illegal Bible. Be near the imprisoned Pastor, those who bare scars for your name sake, the grieving parent, the neglected orphan. Come close and comfort the broken-hearted.

We pray for Christian Mission Agencies like Act for Peace, Tear Fund, World Vision. For people who serve you on the front line in a sacrificial way every day. For people called to bind up the wounds of the homeless refugee, the sick and the malnourished.

We pray for our local church and others who represent your presence in this community. In a new way fill your church with the Holy Spirit so that with courage and boldness we may stand for your love and justice and be clear instruments of your , healing, hope, and spiritual salvation.

We pray for those known to us who have special needs. Those who are frail and who are increasingly dependent on others. Those who are unemployed and want to give up. Those who are in grief and who need courage to begin again.

We pray particularly for our Minister, that you would strengthen your servant by the Holy Spirit to be a shepherd to your people. Go on empowering him/her in ministry to build up the community in faith and love so that every member may live out their calling to be a minister and channel of your blessing. AMEN.

E.A. (Ted) Curnow



Prayer: Opening with Introduction

Introduction: We bow in worship

In the quietness of this moment

as we prepare to open our hearts

and minds to worship God,

we turn away from focusing on ourselves,

we let go of the thoughts that have pre-occupied us,

we let go of the stresses that press in and distract us.

In this moment with our imagination and minds eye

we gaze upon Jesus, present in His risen power.



Risen Lord, we worship you in all your power and majesty

As the Creator, source of all life,

who is present with us,

who has defeated the power of death

and who, in this moment,

has been shown to reigns over all things,

all things seen and unseen,

humbly we bow before you bringing our worship.


Promised Holy Spirit present within us

and among those gathered in Jesus name,

help us in our worship to welcome your presence,

as you open our ears and minds to God’s truth,

as you open our eyes and hearts to God’s love,

as you inspire our praise, warm our hearts

and move us with a renewed desire to serve you.

In Jesus Name, AMEN.


E.A. (Ted) Curnow