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Links to the various Resources produced by the ACC can be found on this page or by using the drop down menus on the home page for the relevant section.

ACC Theological Statements

ACC Theological Declaration and Commentary (2008)

This theological declaration arises from the controversy about the faith of the church triggered by the UCA’s action in recent Assemblies. For example, deciding that homosexual practice is an acceptable Christian option, that ordination of persons engaged in such practice is valid, and that the church’s understanding of marriage can be changed to include partnerships other than the lifelong commitment of one man and one woman. These examples illustrate what is meant in the preamble by surrender to ‘our culture’s values and the lure of alien gospels’. Why is a theological declaration necessary? Because the church faces a crisis brought about by our failure to hold the faith of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. The crisis is more profound than the issue of sexual morality; it is a crisis of biblical authority and theological integrity.

For an overview and explanation of the origin and basis of TheTheological Declaration see the article by Dr Rosalie Hudson presented at the launch event in 2010.

ACC Statement on Marriage (2011) - a brief statement on marriage available as a pamphlet.

Declaration on Marriage and the Family (2016)

This declaration (2016) is made in the context of the continuing debate, especially within parts of the UCA, about the doctrine and meaning of marriage. 

The ACC Declaration on Marriage and the Family was received and endorsed at the 2016 ACC AGM: 7 November.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy 

Clive Skewes takes a solid look at the othodoxy of theological diversity, its origins and proponents.  He overviews the response by andreas J Kostenberger and Michael J Kruger in their book "The Heresy of Orthodoxy."

ACC Founding Documents:

Charter, Confessing Statement and Statement on Sexuality (click here for links to main documents (also in Chinese, Tongan and Korean)

Cross- Cultural Commission Statement (2008)

Statements and Papers on Social Issues

The Church's Social Responsibility (2009 statement)

Abortion in the Australian Community (2010 statement)


A Christian Response to Euthanasia (2011 statement)


Faith that Works - Studies in the Letter of James

A series of bible studies by Rev Dr Brian Edgar (2008)

Human rights and wrongs

A paper on the subject of human rights by Rev Dr Brian Edgar (2009)


ACC Video Series - see ACC YouTube

Series 1: Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism 

"Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism" was launched at the 2010 ACC conference initally as 5 x ten minute DVD ‘conversations' with study questions. A copy of the DVD and the study questions was provided to each congregation in the ACC as part of their membership. Groups and congregations are able to freely copy the DVDs and the study guide (which was initially provided in a simple photocopied version with the DVD).
These studies are ideal for use in a Bible Study, or to be handed around to congregation members and is suitable for use as a Lenten Study.

This video series discusses 5 areas of discipleship and evangelism:

  • Disciples are called; 
  • Disciples are sent; 
  • Disciples participate in Christ's ministry; 
  • Disciples and discipline; 
  • Disciples of the Gospel. 

Download the study guide

Series 2: The Hope of a New Heaven and New Earth

he Discipleship and Evangelism Commission has produced a DVD The Hope of a new Heaven and New Earth. It was launched at the 2011 ACC conference and all ACC congregations and groups were provided with a copy of the DVD and the printed study booklet.

The video series has six ‘conversations' with SA UCA Ministers Derek Schiller, Simon Dent, Deane Meatheringham and Jonathon Button.
There is an accompanying booklet of study questions.

  • Conversation 1 Christ Is the Firstborn over All Creation
  • Conversation 2 Covenant and Creation
  • Conversation 3 Our Resurrection - Our Future
  • Conversation 4 What about Heaven?
  • Conversation 5 Dear Death or Dark Devourer?
  • Conversation 6 The New Heaven and New Earth

Both the study guide and the DVD may be copied, provided it is not for profit.
Download the study guide here.

Download the study guide in printable booklet format

Series 3: This is Love 

The third ACC Discipleship and Evangelism 'Conversations' DVD considers God's Amazing Love. Three UCA ministers Derek Schiller, Deane Meatheringham and Jonathon Button converse about the following topics. The video series available on YouTube considers:

  • Conversation 1 Love is of God
  • Conversation 2 Does God get angry with us?
  • Conversation 3 All debts are off!
  • Conversation 4 The Judge's Verdict
  • Conversation 5 How reconciled can you be?
  • Conversation 6 Holy Communion with God

Download the study guide

Marriage - see the links to the ACC YouTube site

Marriage - The Profound Mystery is the new DVD study guide prepared by the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission. Launched at the 2013 ACC Conference on 13th September, it is available as a free resource to ACC congregations. (Note  - the DVD presentations are also available on Youtube - see below). 

The seven studies are: 

  • Study 1 - From the Beginning of Creation (Marriage in Genesis 1 and 2) 
  • Study 2 - Paradise Lost (Marriage in Genesis 3) 
  • Study 3 - God's Covenant Love (Marriage in the Prophets) 
  • Study 4 - The Greatest Love Song Ever Written (Marriage in the Song of Songs) 
  • Study 5 - The Bridegroom Arrives (Marriage in the Words of Jesus) 
  • Study 6 - The Profound Mystery (Marriage in Paul's Letters) 
  • Study 7 - The Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride (Marriage and the Consummation of All Things)

Download the study guide.

Gospel and Grace (2016)

This is a video series about how the grace of God which comes through the Gospel of Jesus affects every aspect of our lives. Often the Good News of Jesus can seem abstract or unattached to many areas of our lives and yet our knowledge of, and the fact of our justification is central to every part of our lives.

Talks include personal testimony illustrating how the Gospel impacts the Christian life within family, church and community.

  • Rev. Derek Schiller: Intro to Grace and Gospel in Life: Justification: the most practical truth!
  • Rev. Simon Dent: Grace and Gospel in sport and recreation
  • John Teunis: Grace and Gospel through depression/burn-out
  • Rev. Trevor Faggotter: Gospel in work and vocation
  • Rev. David Kowalick: Grace and Gospel: Anger and doubt
  • Pastor Robyn Painter: Grace and Gospel with money and possessions
  • Sam Hemming: Grace, Gospel and Rest
  • Rev. Jonathan Button: Grace and Gospel and the fear of death
  • Rev. Derek Schiller: Grace and Gospel and parenting
  • Rev. Rod James: Grace and Gospel in issues of gender and sexuality