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Practical and Pastoral – Ted Curnow

Pastoral and Devotional resources from the Reverend Ted (E.A.) Curnow member of the ACC Cranbourne Cluster (Victoria).

Pernicious Pluralism

Is the Christian gospel simply one of many world religions? Some advocate the convergence of all world religions as if there are many ways to God. Christianity does not fit into assumptions largely bases on attitudes on mind. Christianity is based on God’s self-revelation in the historical act of Jesus Christ, his life death and resurrection.


Easter 2017

Over the Easter period the community enjoys a holiday weekend. While the commercial world trivialises Easter, for Christian people Christ’s death and resurrection are central in human history. The Easter events free us from death and enable us to face the future with confidence. This great festival of the Christian faith needs to be publicly celebrated with enthusiasm. Here are some suggestions for Easter 2017 from Rev. E.A. Curnow.


The Story of Colliding Worlds


An introduction explaining the resource “The Story of Colliding Worlds.”

The Church is caught in a remarkable period of rapid cultural change.

Many Christians grieve over the loss of the past. Others are passionate about moving ahead. This resource explains two very different world-views and ways of thinking, the colliding of two worlds. It calls the church to face change, to faithfully discern the truth and with courage to be loyal in following Christ into the future.

Download the paper (PDF 9 pages)


Prayer for Discipleship

Christmas Devotions and Resources 2016

More suggestions and thoughts from Rev. Ted Curnow. You can explore ways of celebrating the Christmas season and much more for your local church. 

Bag of All Sorts No. 7

Another bag of all sorts containing a wide ranging list of resources, suggestions, quotes, events and insights that your church or fellowship members could benefit from. Take a moment to check them out and then pass them on.

Pastoral and Personal Prayer Resources

Two Prayers.

One entitled  ‘About Words’ by the late Rev Alan Crawford, the other a prayer for personal use during a Heath/ Accident Crisis.

Jesus Christ the Same

INDEX: Christianity is not a religious theory or argument. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ. A devotional message based on Hebrews 13:8. “Jesus the Same.”

Marriage - more than a social construct

Ted Curnow presents a secular view and a Christian view showing how marriage as an institution has existed from time immemorial. This important issue is more than a matter of human rights. It could result in the suppressing of conscientious and religious freedom.


Was Genocide Commanded in the Old Testament

Index: Was Genocide Commanded in the Old Testament?

In this ‘meaty’ three-part paper Rev Ted Curnow reflects on his understanding of Biblical inspiration and explains the importance of history and progressive revelation. This approach is a helpful preparation before reflecting on the occupation of Canaan and violence in the Old Testament.