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Practical and Pastoral – Ted Curnow

Pastoral and Devotional resources from the Reverend Ted (E.A.) Curnow member of the ACC Cranbourne Cluster (Victoria).

Easter 2018 Allsorts No. 9

A helpful bag of resources for Easter 2018.

Cooking Church and Culture

Rev. Ted Curnow reviews The Gospel and Neo-pagan Culture by Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson, 

Prayers for the New Year

A Christmas Blessing

Joy to the world the Lord Has come

As we sing Isaac Watts carol this year, the question is, “Do we sing about joy in a way that ignores the reality of the turmoil of our time, or does Jesus coming envelop us and our broken world in an even greater reality?”

In the year of the anniversary of the Reformation, one of the themes of the Reformers has impressed itself upon me. “In Christ alone.” I have realised again how often we are distracted from a focus upon the unique person of Jesus Christ. As the church in Luther’s time had lost its way, so today we need to de-clutter our lives and institutions to refocus on (1) Who Jesus is, (2) What he did, (3) How He lives within His people.

Luther understood that righteousness is not just a demand that God makes on us, but a gift God gives us. God has assigned Christ’s rightness to us and assigned to Christ our sins as he suffered on the cross. 2 Cor. 5:21, Phil 3.9. God forgives, makes peace with us and comes to live within our hearts. In an amazing grace God makes us His own.

Join us in looking upon God’s unlimited grace, believe it with all your heart, and you will experience a ‘Joy to the World’ this Christmas that will send you to serve others.

Ted and Beryl Curnow: Christmas 2017

A presentation on Marriage

Rev Ted Curnow commends the following witness: In the context of the Assembly's request to consider the Church's theology of Marriage, Rev Jonathan Button presented a proposal to the SA Synod in November 2017 highlighting the UCA doctrine of marriage. While the Synod did not proceed to make a decision about the proposal itself, the wonderful affirmation by Jonathan was a highlight for the evangelical members. The proposal will also be included in the March 2018 ACCatalyst magazine.

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Suggestions - check out the inter-church community scavenger hunt, ‘The Search for the Wise Guys’ and a number of devotional stories to brighten your


Beyond Weasel Words

Rev. Ted Curnow reflects on the contemporary era through the lens of the Reformation (and it is the 500th anniversary this year).

Bag of Allsorts No 8

We may have friends who experience same-sex attraction or identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender or experience struggles in this area. Check out this range of resources that bring clarity, challenge and compassion.

The items offered here seek to provide thinking Christian people with resources and a Biblical world view amid the many voices competing for people’s hearts and minds. 

Quest for Heart – Mind Spirituality

Rev. Ted Curnow explores the state of the current church and reflects on our heritage.

Prayers for Sexuality and Marriage

With issues of Government, Marriage and Sexuality so prominent today, Rev E.A. Curnow provides two prayers for use in Public Worship.

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