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Practical and Pastoral – Ted Curnow

Pastoral and Devotional resources from the Reverend Ted (E.A.) Curnow member of the ACC Cranbourne Cluster (Victoria).

Is Your Church Biblically Inclusive?

Rev. Ted Curnow presents a reflection on the new situation in the UCA -

A clear change of direction is occurring among those in the Uniting Church who oppose the Assembly decision to create a new doctrine of Christian marriage. While some have moved on to other churches others are growing and consolidating their understanding in what it means to be faithful, compassionate and missional.

Confession: Task Master or Comforter?

Rev. Ted Curnow addresses a practical question is,--- Are our prayers of confession a necessary regular up-date to guarantee our acceptance by God? 

The Unfinished Business Prayer

Rev Ted Curnow encourages us to take time to pray for those occasions when family relationships break down or where upon a persons death no obvious restoration or healing has taken place. The prayers provided aim to help people honestly face up to their frailty, the fact of a broken relationship, to seek forgiveness and to bring finality and healing to those who’s lives have been marked by unfinished business.

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Prayers

Peter Adams, Vicar Emeritus at St Judes Carlton provides this reflection on persistent prayer .

Reprinted by permission: ‘Boundless,’ CMS Victoria. Winter 2019.

Bag of All Sorts No. 12

Rev Ted Curnow provides a new listing of helpful resources and comments for ministers and leaders.

A Cluster of Prayers

Rev Ted Curnow provides a 'cluster' of prayers for worship.

What then shall we eat?

Rev Ted Curnow explores the increasingly public question of food today.

Bag of All Sorts No.11

Another helpful bag of tasty bits and pieces worth exploring and following up. It contains a range of resources, quotations and suggestions meant for you and the local church that are Practical and Pastoral.

from Rev Ted Curnow

Faith, Fractures and Politics

Rev Ted Curnow provides a timely comment and asks a question:

Today it appears that there is a crisis in Western Democracy and that it is combined with a crisis in Western Christianity as it faces increasing pressure from a growing secularism. There are those who claim that democracy itself is broken and that to be Christian is no longer a virtue. We are surrounded by so many ideologies that to claim public freedom of speech or to propagate Christianity is now offensive. It appears that we now live not only in a fractured world but also a church with different beliefs, customs and cultures. If we cannot agree on common faith values or principles to govern our life together then the majority will rule. In other words pragmatism now triumphs over faith principles and in this climate it is easy to feel disoriented and confused:

What then is a Christian response to this sort of crisis environment?

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Revisiting Mass Evangelism

Rev Ted Curnow asks: There are many styles of evangelism and many ways of engaging people. If our traditional churches have thrown out mass evangelism for more socio-political or natural, relational programmes then we need to ask, ‘Where is the evidence of fruit and growth?’ If the aging institutional church believes that being contemporary simply means advocating social change then we need to relearn that rather than being an end in itself, it is essential to understand that culture can be a bridge that leads to people having an opportunity to choose Christ. Social transformation still begins with personal transformation rooted and found in Jesus Christ. Full article