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Lenten Studies 2019

ACC Members may like to consider using these Lenten Studies prepared by Leigh Harkness drawing from D.A. Carson’s commentary on The Gospel According to John. Leigh has kindly made them available for wider use. 2019 Lenten Study Series (6 studies): February 2019.

Jesus' Farewell Message (PDF 12 pages - printable in A4 format)


Lenten Resource for 2017

Coromandel Valley UC in Adelaide have provided a Lenten resource for this year based on the book of Romans. 

This Lenten devotional will focus on chapters 5-8. This is not to say the rest of the book is not a fine feast but for the sake of our 40 day consumption in Lent, its all we can adequately digest. Before you read each day, pray for openness to hear the Living God in the readings. These devotions, written by various members of Coro Uniting are given not as an end in themselves but as a doorway to further prayer and reflection on your life in God. We encourage you not to rush it. Give yourself 30 minutes a day if you can.

2017 Lenten Study

Please note: Each Sunday is intentionally left blank as a word will be shared at the worship service at CVUC and people encouraged to write their own notes from the material provided at this time. You may like to  prepare your own reflection for the particular Sundays in Lent.

The Story of Colliding Worlds


An introduction explaining the resource “The Story of Colliding Worlds.”

The Church is caught in a remarkable period of rapid cultural change.

Many Christians grieve over the loss of the past. Others are passionate about moving ahead. This resource explains two very different world-views and ways of thinking, the colliding of two worlds. It calls the church to face change, to faithfully discern the truth and with courage to be loyal in following Christ into the future.

Download the paper (PDF 9 pages)


Lenten Devotional Series

A wide variety of ministers and members within the Uniting Church have provided reflections for Lent.

This attractive resource is especially helpful for personal use and reflection. 


Lenten Resources

Dr Nick Hawkes has kindly provided a series of Lenten Studies from his resources website for interested people to use in small groups. There are six studies, all in PDF format for easy download.

This is Love

The third DVD in the Conversation series from the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission.

Consider God's love - how amazing and wonderful is this love.

The DVD, with the accompanying booklet is suitable for use as Lenten Study.

The Hope of A New Heaven and New Earth

The second DVD in the 'Conversations' series from the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission.

Consider Christ, the New Creation, our Hope and Future.

This DVD study is suitable for use as a Lenten Study.

Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism

The first in the 'Conversations' DVD series from the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism series. A group of UCA ministers discuss issues critical to our lives. 

The DVD is available for purchase from the ACC Office (this one (2010) is presently out of stock). 

The study guide is available on-line.

Faith That Works: Studies in the Letter of James

A bible study resource on the Letter of James.

Written by Rev Dr Brian Edgar in conjunction with Ron Clough, Ian Hickingbotham, Margaret Macmillan and (the late) Nell Muirden of the Social Responsibility Commission of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations.

This bible study resource is suitable for use as a Lenten Study.

Following Jesus: a Journey in the Gospel of Mark

A bible study resource from the Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia for your small group.
This five week bible study will take a fresh look at following Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and inspire you to follow him today.

Prepared by Rev Dr Phil Marshall for the Discipleship and Evangelism Commission of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (2008)

Suitable for use as a Lenten Study

ACC Bible Study No. 2