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Archival Record for ACC Conferences and AGMs

2021 Annual General Meeting of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations Inc.

Will be held online only 9 - 11 September (AGM on 11 September). Details will be advised to members separately or see the HopeNet SA website for registration.


2020 Annual General Meeting of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations Inc. 

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the ACC Inc. was held on: SATURDAY 21ST NOVEMBER: 10:30am – 4:00 pm (NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS);



The 2019 ACC Conference and AGM was held 23-25 September in Queensland. 

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1: 16)

Brief AGM and ACC News

Download the Brief ACC e-News edition with details of the unconfirmed special resolution approved by the AGM. (1 page PDF)

Keynote presentations (Papers and Video) will be provided here when available.

James Parker - Monday night 23 September: I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel.

James Parker provides his personal testimony to illustrate the power of the Gospel.

The Video of Jame's presentation and questions is available now.

James Parker Paper (Printed version - PDF 5 pages). James has provided a PDF of his PowerPoint presentation 

Bible Study: I'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel - Tuesday 24 September 2019

Presented by Rev Anne Hibbard - download available for different age groups (2 pages PDF)

Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki presentation - Tuesday 24 September 2019

A biblical excursion on Not Being Ashamed of the Gospel: Romans 1: 16

Video Presentation

Paper (6 pages PDF)

Wendy Francis - Wednesday Morning: 25 September 2019

Action Points for a Public Christian (PDF 2 pages).

Wendy has kindly provided a quick reference guide to the many areas of concern she raised in her presentation.

Rev. Rod James - Resources from Message: Preaching on Wednesday 25 September 2019

Four Important Questions (PDF Booklet 2 pages)

The Core Business of Jesus and the Church (PDF 4 pages)

The Arise Team is prayed for during the 2019 ACC Conference 



2018 ACC Conference: Presentations and Overview

ACC was blessed to be led by a wonderful group of Tongan and Samoan members in the singing, with some memorable and inspiring group items at the 2018 Conference. The Wesley Church worship space enabled a prayerful focus and we extend our deep thanks to all the help from members of Wesley Congregational Life, the Wesley Conference Centre team and Upper Room Catering.  

Papers and video links are provided on the ACC website and the ACC Facebook page.

With over 250 registered members (and up to 290 people at some sessions), the 2018 ACC AGM and Conference held in Sydney 17-19 September was a gathering of vibrant and stirring fellowship. It was a poignant meeting for many members who had attended the inaugural ACC Conference held at Wesley Church, Wesley Mission in October 2006. The 2018 AGM and Conference provided a strong base for encouraging one another with the theme of "Living and Working Within the Faith and Unity of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church." People have spoken of the joy of meeting with a common and united fellowship and hearing from the excellent and challenging speakers. A list of speakers and their presentations is below. During the Tuesday night rally (18 September) the offering toward Drought Aid raised $2600.

2015 ACC Conference Report

ACC Conference Archive: 2015 and before