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2017 ACC Conference and AGM

11-13 September 2017, at Mount Louisa House of Praise, Townsville.

‘Radical Gospel’ Talks now on-line

40th Anniversary of Star Wars

The DNA of the UCA

Peter Bentley reflected on the Uniting Church at the Queensland ACC Regional meeting held in March 2017 in the context of the 40th Anniversary of the UCA.

Note: the specific Queensland comments have been mostly deleted, but they helped to provide a significant time of question and comment after the presentation. 

ACCatalyst June 2017


Dr Keith Suter revisits his significant work on the Future of the Uniting Church, arising from his PhD thesis for the 40th Anniversary of the Uniting Church (June 2017). Dr Suter's first article raising this important area for reflection was published in ACCatalyst December 2014.

The Importance of Small Groups

Sometimes we have thought big is better while in God’s economy, small has often been beautiful. The small group could be said to be a primary expression of church. Reflect on the place of the small group in the life of your church and the priority it is given.

The Radical Gospel: Listening to the Reformation Witnesses

This was a one day interactive conference provided by the SA ACC Movement on 20th May 2017.


ACCatalyst March 2017

Lenten Resource for 2017

Coromandel Valley UC in Adelaide have provided a Lenten resource for this year based on the book of Romans. 

This Lenten devotional will focus on chapters 5-8. This is not to say the rest of the book is not a fine feast but for the sake of our 40 day consumption in Lent, its all we can adequately digest. Before you read each day, pray for openness to hear the Living God in the readings. These devotions, written by various members of Coro Uniting are given not as an end in themselves but as a doorway to further prayer and reflection on your life in God. We encourage you not to rush it. Give yourself 30 minutes a day if you can.

2017 Lenten Study

Please note: Each Sunday is intentionally left blank as a word will be shared at the worship service at CVUC and people encouraged to write their own notes from the material provided at this time. You may like to  prepare your own reflection for the particular Sundays in Lent.