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On-line worship services: Wesley Mission and other ACC congregations and groups

Wesley Mission (Sydney) is streaming four worship services in English, Indonesian, Mandarin and Samoan. See website for confirmation of times and the links.

English - 10 am

Chinese (Mandarin) 10 am

Indonesian Livestream (will be available 1.00 pm on Sunday)

Samoan Livestream (will be available 11 am on Sunday)

Services also available as Catchup on Wesley Mission YouTube Channel from following Monday.

Other ACC related Congregations that are having livestream (public services): ( a listing will be progressively updated below as information is provided)

Church in the Marketplace (on Facebook streaming) (Bondi Junction, NSW) 10 am and catch up on CMP YouTube channel 

Cornerstone Christian Church (Deception Bay, Qld) - catch up on YouTube

Coromandel Valley (SA) Live 10 am and on their website for catch-up

Newtown Mission (on Facebook and live 10 am Sunday)

Mooloolaba Christian Church (on Facebook and live 9 am Sunday) - with ACC Chair Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki

Sydney Cheil ChEMistry (with Pastor Matt Kang) - on YouTube - Matt is one of the leaders with the ACC Arise Movement and ACC Deputy Chair

ACC School of Faith Devotional Reflections for this time

1. It’s time to wake up and let Christ shine on us. Rev Anne Hibbard (21 March 2020)

2. If Christ is in you  Based on Romans 8: 10. Reflection provided by Dr Katherine Abetz (28 March 2020) Based on Romans 8: 10


Staying Hopeful in a Troubled World

Rev Ted Curnow shares some practical Christian insight relevant for this time in the context of the Uniting Church and its liberal theological decisions; providing a helpful reflection as during this critical time people may be considering their future even more. 



Keeping your community together

Pastor David McDonald reflects on a substantial issue of maintaining community in churches in his recent post on physical distancing v social distancing:

The Importance of not practising social distancing.

Behold a New Thing

Some time ago it was the Sydney minister Rev Martin Robinson, who pointed out that vast historical changes are happening across the world on a scale that only happen every 300 to 400 years. He suggested that something similar to the collapse of the Medieval era and rise of the Modern world was occurring in our time. He pointed out that as the West drifts from its Christian heritage we are left with no basis for a shared common understanding of social boundaries. Psychiatrist Carl Yung has said the neurosis of the Western World in our time is ‘emptiness.’ The Prophet Isaiah watched the decline of Israel and brought a message of doom to Jerusalem but amid judgement God spoke into the chaos and declared, “Behold I am doing a new thing, now it springs forth.”


Rev Ted Curnow provides a word of encouragement at this time.

Bag of All Sorts # 14.  Your useful Easter resources.

Connecting with the wider community starts with relationships. Family, friends, food and music. This is where we can start and continue to love our neighbour.  Click here for more tips/suggestions to get you and your church started.

Rev. Ted Curnow provides some resources and material for Easter and the year.


Latest Confessing Movement News USA - Newsletter

The latest (January - March 2020 We Confess Newsletter) provides a very helpful update and overview of the issues as the 2020 United Methodist Church Conference approaches.

and extract below: 

The Time Is Now: Confessing Movement Board of Directors Endorses “Protocol”
On January 15, 2020 the Board of Directors of The Confessing Movement strongly affirmed a Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, stating, “We endorse the protocol and pledge ourselves to continue working for new expressions of our Methodist Wesleyan movement.” The Protocol proposes a way to resolve the five-decade long conflict in the UMC related to our understanding of human sexuality and underlying disagreements regarding Biblical interpretation and theological matters. It outlines a series of broad provisions to guide an amicable separation of the United Methodist Church into two or more denominations in the Wesleyan and Methodist tradition. The Protocol was negotiated, with the help of renowned mediator Kenneth Feinberg, by a group of sixteen UMC bishops and other leaders representing the broad theological spectrum of the UMC. Patricia Miller, Executive Director of The Confessing Movement, was an active participant in the five-month process that led to unanimous support for the Protocol from the members of the mediation team. In envisioning a path to amicable separation of the United Methodist Church, the Protocol states, “The United Methodist Church and its members aspire  to multiply the Methodist mission in the world by restructuring the Church through respectful and dignified separation.” The agreement specifically envisions that a new traditionalist Methodist denomination and a “post-separation United Methodist Church” will be formed, while leaving open the possibility of other new Methodist expressions which may emerge.

United Methodist (USA) - proposed move to separation

The Confessing Movement (within the United Methodist Church) has released the following statement and information concerning the proposed move to amicable separation.

"Confessing Movement Executive Director Patricia Miller has been participating in meetings with representatives from diverse groups of United Methodists for several months regarding a plan for amicable separation. An agreement has been reached by the participants with unanimous support. Following is the official press release which includes links to a FAQ sheet and the Signed Protocol statement."

See their website

or the link below to the Official Press Release from the UMC Bishops.

UMC Bishops Press release

Evangelism and Outreach in the Uniting Church

Rev Steve Everist considers the place and nature of evangelism in the UCA today.

Check out the ACC YouTube Videos - including Gospel and Grace series, and Marriage

See the ACC YouTube for videos for use in your church or small group, including conference presentations and the DVD Series that were provided to congregations: see link below

Gospel and Grace


A New Heaven and a New Earth