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Faithfulness in Babylon

Walking the line of being faithful to Christ, but being aliened with a church you strongly disagree with can be a hard place. Here some helpful key thoughts are gathered especially for those who feel isolated in their own congregations.

by Rev E.A. Curnow (Download PDF version 3 pages)

2018 ACC Conference: Reference and a brief overview

Same-sex marriage and the UCA: Media Coverage Reference

A Listing of prominent media coverage of same-sex marriage and the Uniting Church

ACCatalyst September edition out now

Download the ACCatalyst September 2018 edition (36 pages PDF)

Vital Times and Vital Matters Some reflections on Resolution 64 and Clause 39

Marriage Clearly a Vital Matter for the Whole Uniting Church

Rev. Rod James provides a timely comment on the topical matter of Marriage being a matter vital to the life of the church. Clearly it was a vital matter at the 15th Assembly and remains a vital matter for all the councils within the Uniting Church.

Responses to the 15th Assembly Revision of Marriage

Some responses to help ACC members understand the issues and implications of the 15th Assembly decision on Marriage and same-gender relationships.

ACC Post 15th Assembly Pastoral Letter

A Pastoral Letter for distribution to ACC Congregations (emailed 14 July 2018)

ACC 15th Assembly Blog

Note: A reflection on the 15th Assembly is now available and provided by Peter Bentley here


Important Update about the proposed ACC Blog: 8 July 2018

Dear ACC Members

I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to provide a daily blog and update with a focus on the Marriage Proposals during the 15th Assembly meeting. I have been informed by the Manager for the Assembly Media and Communications Matt Pulford, of a decision regarding communication arrangements. For myself, this means that I am welcome to be present as a member of the church (as a visitor), but not in any ‘reporting’ capacity as this will be deemed ‘media’. The reason given is to protect the discernment process of the Assembly by ensuring that there is no ‘parallel reporting’. I understand this arrangement will apply to anyone seeking to ‘report’. A link to the official Assembly news is provided here, so you can check for information and news as it is provided.

Assembly members themselves have some social media capability. Further information about this is provided on the Assembly Website Social Media Guidelines.

As a past Assembly staff-person (observing the 1994 and 1997 Assembly meetings), Presbytery observer (2000 Assembly), a member of the 2003 Assembly and observer at the last four Assembly meetings for the RA/ACC, I am of course keen to observe the proceedings of the 2018 Assembly meeting and will thus be present as a visitor. I will be able to prepare a report and analysis following the Assembly meeting.

With appreciation for your understanding, grace and peace

Peter Bentley

Scripture Under Suspicion

Rev Dr Max Champion provides an overview of Scripture in the context of The Basis of Union of the Uniting Church

Download as a PDF (Four pages)