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Who do you say that I am?

Rev Robert Griffith provides an essential reflection about who Jesus really is - a timely start to the new year.

Extract below and full paper here (PDF 10 pages)

Who is Jesus in reality?
There’s something we really need to understand about Scripture. In fact, there’s something we need to understand about reality and truth. In our culture today, we are being told that reality or truth is anything you believe it to be. But that’s just post-modernist nonsense. Truth and reality are defined as that which most certainly is. So the question is not, “Who is Jesus to you?” or “Who do you want Jesus to be?” or “Who do you make Him out to be according to your personal convenience?”
The question is, “Who is Jesus in reality?”
When we interact with people outside the community of the Church, we hear a number of comments, opinions and criticisms of the Church. We often then fall into the trap of defending the Church as we try desperately to attract people into this shrinking, dying institution. Yet at no point did Jesus ever commission us to ‘go into all the world and make Church members.’ At no point does the Bible tell us that our mission is to build an organization or invite people to events.
We are called, commissioned and empowered to do one thing only – to lead people to a person and to make them disciples of that person. That person is Jesus Christ. That’s why the only question we need to be asking those people in our family, in our neighbourhood, in our workplace or in the world around us is this: “Who do you say Jesus is?” It’s all about Jesus.