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Cooking Church and Culture

Rev. Ted Curnow reviews The Gospel and Neo-pagan Culture by Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson, 

Prayers for the New Year

ACCatalyst December 2017

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Suggestions - check out the inter-church community scavenger hunt, ‘The Search for the Wise Guys’ and a number of devotional stories to brighten your


Beyond Weasel Words

Rev. Ted Curnow reflects on the contemporary era through the lens of the Reformation (and it is the 500th anniversary this year).

Battle of the Sexes - updated for the 21st century

Peter Bentley reviews the clever revisionist film about the Battle of the Sexes tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs held in 1973.

Christmas Film Traditions

Peter Bentley considers some films for Christmas viewing, including The Nativity Story

Confessing School of Faith

The Assembly of Confessing Congregations has established a School of Faith for our time. 


Reformation Day at Booragul UC: 31st October 2017

A day of teaching, fellowship and learning about the Reformation in 1517 and its continuing significance in 2017 was held on Reformation Day - 31st October 2017 at Booragul Uniting Church (Hunter NSW Region)

Video or audio versions of the lectures will be added to the ACC YouTube site as soon as possible, and further details are available in the program brochure.


5th Robert Iles Lecture