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UCA Reflections

The Future of Marriage

The Uniting Church in Dire Straights

Peter Sellick considers the proposed change to the Uniting Church preamble. In his introduction he posits:

It is always a bad idea to alter the theology or the liturgy of the church to meet political ends. ....

Three Questions for the Uniting Church - but still no answers

Nell Muirden posits three questions about the UCA's official line and direction regarding homosexual endorsement.

Too Many Gods: Re-reading the preamble

Paul Langkamp offers a new reading of the proposed preamble. (From ACCatalyst February 2010)

A Critique of the Proposed Preamble

Peter Banney requests the UAICC to reject the Proposed Preamble.

Making a preamble a post anything amble?

Nola Stewart comments on the proposed change to the Uniting Church Preamble and raises a range of issues that result from the approach the Assembly has adopted

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

David Lewinsohn responds to the 12th Assembly's proposed changes to the Preamble and Constitution with an Open Letter to UCA Members in one Presbytery.

God’s Purpose for His People Israel

A comment from Revd Dr Robert Weatherlake

Choice that Matters - letter from Revd Steve Everist

Read this stimulating letter from Revd Steve Everist (originally published in NSW Synod magazine Insights May 2009 as a letter to the editor).

The Basis of Union

Read Paul Langkamp’s reflections on character and nature of The Basis of Union. You can .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Paul with your response.