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UCA Reflections

Spiritual views about Marriage: An examination of Gnosticism

An initial reflection on the UCA Report on Marriage

The Uniting Church - forty years in retrospect

Rev Warren Clarnette provides a historical reflection following the 40th anniversary of the UCA held in June 2017.

Bentley Report on UCA 40th Anniversary Conference

A report on the 40th Anniversary History Conference held in June 2017

The UCA, Statistics and the Census

2016 UCA Census figure - 3.7%

The DNA of the UCA

Peter Bentley reflected on the Uniting Church at the Queensland ACC Regional meeting held in March 2017 in the context of the 40th Anniversary of the UCA.

Note: the specific Queensland comments have been mostly deleted, but they helped to provide a significant time of question and comment after the presentation. 


Dr Keith Suter revisits his significant work on the Future of the Uniting Church, arising from his PhD thesis for the 40th Anniversary of the Uniting Church (June 2017). Dr Suter's first article raising this important area for reflection was published in ACCatalyst December 2014.

Report on marriage discussion at the 14th Assembly

A Brief account of the theology of marriage proposals discussion at the 14th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Note: A printable pdf version of the report is available click here 

14th Assembly Blog

Resources on Marriage