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The Theology of John Wesley, Holy Love and the Shape of Grace

Paul Langkamp reviews Kenneth Collins new book The Theology of John Wesley, Holy Love and the Shape of Grace. Collins is a long-time professor of Wesley’s theology at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, USA. Paul says “It’s wonderful title proclaims what it is: a scholarly work about John Wesley’s sermons and commentaries and other material that lays out the two great Christian themes weaving their way through all Christian thought.”

Thinking Things Through: Christian Reflections on some Contemporary Ethical Issues

A review of Thinking Things Through: Christian Reflections on some Contemporary Ethical Issues, by Michael Cassidy. If you are looking for a good summary of a Christian understanding of the major social issues before the Western world today, then here is an excellent reference. It is a book which lends itself to personal study as well as group study. Michael Cassidy would be well-known to many evangelical Australians. He has been to Australia many times in his deputation work for African Enterprise.

The Integrity of Anglicanism

A review of The Integrity of Anglicanism by Stephen W. Sykes, a book published one year after the union of the Uniting Church, and about a different denomination, but illuminating when one considers the present state of the Anglican Communion and the Western Church.

Trophy of Grace

A review of Trophy of Grace. Find out how Bronwen Healy, Queensland ‘ordinary student and now Mum’, became a ‘Trophy of Grace’. You will find the book challenging and moving as Bronwen relates her story of relatively ordinary childhood, descent into drugs and then prostitution to pay for her habit. She comes out of this not through her own efforts, but through the grace of Jesus Christ.

The Making of The Christ Files

Read about the making of this landmark Australian documentary series, which premiered on TV during Easter 2008.

The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story – a good example of a helpful ‘Hollywood’ film suitable for church events at Christmas.


Salute – the Movie and The Peter Norman Story. Read about this salute to the Australian sprinter who became part of sporting history at the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games.


Do you remember the TV show BonanzaRead about one Christian connection in this influential series from the 1960s, and early 1970s.

License to Wed

License to Wed – Robin Williams in full flight as Father Frank.

The History Boys

The History Boys – not a family film.