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Living for Jesus with Perry Smith


Perry Smith's Acronym of PRAYER - Privilege-Revealing-Attacking-Yielding-Expectation-Revolutionary!

In Appreciation - The Methodist Hymn Book

The significance of the Methodist Hymn Book is shown in this overview by Perry Smith.

I’m Getting There

Perry Smith considers the often heard response 'I'm getting there', as he asks Where are we going?


OUTLINE OF A MESSAGE on Luke 3:15 (NIV) by Rev Perry Smith. ‘People were waiting expectantly' - ‘on the tiptoe expectation' (NEB).

Why Christmas?

An 'always timely' Christmas reflection by Rev Perry Smith.

The Ministry of Encouragement

Perry Smith reflects on the wonderful ministry of encouragement in Colossians 2:2 and other Bible references.

Devoted To Fellowship

Perry Smith considers fellowship in the context of Acts 2:42, and also provides Hymn references from Charles Wesley.

Our Daily Discipleship

Taking the New Testament and the Methodist Hymn Book, Perry Smith explores what it means to be a 'daily disciple.'

Discipleship Defined

Perry Smith provides the defining moments for Christian discipleship from Luke 9:23-24

Abiding in Christ

A poem by Perry Smith based on John 15