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Living for Jesus with Perry Smith

A Prayer for the New Year

Perry Smith provides a new year prayer by Leighton Ford and adds an appropriate hymn reference. 

An Advent Message

Mother’s Day (Poem)

A tribute to Mothers. God Bless them.

Precious - Really Precious (Poem)

Perry Smith highlights the "precious" words in I & II Peter - with References in prose form.

To be a Witness (Prayer-Hymn)

This short prayer and hymn was printed by John Mallison as a Preface to his Lay Witness Campaigns Manual and it really took off around the traps in the NSW "Jesus. All about Life" Campaign in 2009.

The Cross of Jesus (Poem)

An aid to understanding and responding to the CROSS of CHRIST

The ‘I AM’s’ of Jesus (Poem)

A look at the great 'I Am's' in the Gospel of John.

Amen - AMEN

Amen is a strong and fascinating word. From the original Hebrew language it has been transliterated, keeping the same letters and sound in Greek, English and other languages. It springs from a root word meaning ‘to be'. We could render it ‘so be it'... ‘so it is'... or ‘so it will be.' Colloquially we could say, ‘That goes for me too!' Can you say it?

Lord of My Years - A Fruitful Life (Poem)

Perry sent this poem on Retirement to the Editor of a Ministry Magazine in the USA on"Fruit in Old Age" and he replied asking for its expansion in an Article, which he did, quite long on the various aspects of my retirement ministry. Then after having been using fine Tracts from the Lutheran Tract Mission, he sent this poem for interest and quite unexpectedly they put it into a small 8 page booklet to encourage folk to keep serving in later years too.

O MY GOD (Poem)

O MY GOD" - is heard so often in our everyday conversation and on TV, but Christians can use it as a true prayer when considering God's creation, the Cross of Jesus and in crisis times of illness, accident and death, reaching out for God's help. Perry Smith's poem expresses a reaction to the marvel of creation, a response to the mercy of the Cross and a resource in the moments of crisis.