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A Quiet Place of Rest

22nd February 2012


Mark 6:31
"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place
and be at rest."

A wise man once said
"In His will is my rest."

Jesus is still issuing this same invitation to us,
"Come to me and I will give you rest."
How important it is for us to have such a place.

Jesus' call to us is, "Come with me by yourselves."
This can mean either
all the disciples, or each one individually.

We alone can create this special place for ourselves.
If necessary we must, in a loving way,
protect this place even from our loved ones.

It needs to be as separated from the world's noises as possible.
We need to be surrounded with different translations
of God's Word, and our hymnbook and music.
"My Jesus I love thee, I know thou art mine."
We need paper and pencil at hand
because it is here that the Spirit speaks and guides.
Above all we need to be open to the Triune God's presence.
Yes, it can become a place of refuge,
but above all, it is an experience of drawing near to
and listening to the Lord.

At this time our praying needs to be special.
We must not begin by placing before God our needs.
I have composed a series of prayers which are very personal,
between God and myself
and I use them every morning.

Bob Imms 19.2.12



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