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Bag of All Sorts No. 10

17th February 2019

A helpful range of sites and contacts for reference.

Marriage Toolbox.

Marriage is a sacred covenant designed by God to model the love of Christ for his people and is a foundation for human civilization. Today why not write to your TV channel and quoting this definition point out that by using this important institution as a form of mere entertainment it is trashing something very valuable to our social fabric.

To strengthen and enrich your marriage, take advantage of many free PDF downloads http://www.families.org.au/marriage-toolbox

Youth Evangelist

Steve Chong, a young roaming inter-church evangelist says, “I’m a pretty passionate guy but its not purely because of my personality. It’s because I am really passionate about what I do. I really believe there is nothing more important than for people to move out of death and into life as they understand Jesus.” Contact or support Steve by following http://www.ricemovement.org/believe

Have you visited  “The Christian Faith and the Coming Century” ?

This powerful address delivered by Os Guiness to Lausanne Movement 2016 should be viewed by every Christian in order to understand our current context and contemporary .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Have you seen “For the Love of God?”

How the church is better or worse than you ever imagined. A documentary by the Centre of Public Christianity. It traces Western values like human rights, charity, humility, non violence back to the influence of Jesus. Good when discussed. See Fan-Force.com

According to youversion bible app

The most read Bible verse during 2018 was Isaiah 41:10. The verse was estimated to have been downloaded—bookmarked or highlighted on 350 million devices.

Banner of Truth/Steve Lawson.

For a free monthly trial of Banner of Truth magazine (Historic Reformed Theology) ;Go banneroftruth.org 

Also ‘Family Life in Post Christian world,’(Ministers Conference) http://www.youtube.com

My Genes Made Me Do It.

Politically, transsexuality is now where homosexual activism was in the 1980s-90s…etc. Read a helpful range of insights, scientific views and be informed. Download a range of books PDF or as epub. Visit mygenes.co.nz

Try Praying.

The desire to reach out to God is basic to many people. You could forward this to a person who is searching or a person in crisis. It is for those who don’t see themselves as religious but who want to try praying. It encourages people to try praying by using a seven day prayer guide. It introduces them to the person of Jesus. It includes an explanation of the cross, the resurrection and a lot more. Visit http://www.thereishope.co.uk

Confessional Songs

Be sure to use these in worship. “This I Believe”, also “How deep the Fathers Love” by Stuart Townend. Visit site for 300,000 sheet music arrangements. musicnotes.com

Ω Books Navigating Today’s World

‘The Secret Battle of Ideas about God’. by Dr Jeff Myers

A Practical Guide to Culture’. by John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle

Important tools helping the church to stand against a clash of ideas. Both books present a Biblical world view amid competing world views. Both books have user guides. Don’t live in the world of yesterday. Read yourself rich today.

Why are Christians living just like the rest of the world?’ by Ronald Sider.

Sider says, “---by their daily activity, most Christians regularly commit treason---their actions demonstrate their allegiance to money, sex, and personal fulfilment.”

‘RED ALERT’ by Gill Cann

This book has been described as biblical, gripping and very timely. Cann, while leading missions across Australia and overseas has slept in 2,000 different beds so he is a practitioner with lucid insights for the church today Can be purchased through Book Depository.

Making the Most of the Rest of your Life’. by John Chapman. Matthias Media.

Writing as a senior, Chapman challenges other seniors to think about what comes next. Great booklet that is warm hearted, good humoured, challenging in the eventide of life.

‘The Plausibility Problem’. Ed Shaw. IVP

 The church and same sex attraction. Is the Bible’s clear teaching on homosexuality fair? Shaw shows how in commitment to Christ we will discover that ultimately it is fulfilling, healthy and authentic. To help the Christian church know how to better help those who experience same-sex attraction.

Revival Heritage and Helpful.  Be an informed and inspired Aussie!!!!

For a range of books published on Australian Revival by Rev Robert Evans contact Daryl Lightfoot, Queensland .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) also worth visiting http://www.chr.org.au

Ω News you need to Know.

The Bible ---a roaring lion.

Did you know that in Australia we have the worlds longest living Bible Society!!!---responsible for 5 billion copies of the Bible.

Did you know that in 1966 the Cultural Revolution in China banned the Bible but today one million new Christians are birthed in that country every year. In 2008 in China the Bible Society moved to a new space the size of 12 football fields. It prints 20 million copies of the Bible every year in the world’s biggest printing factory.

Isolated: Seeking Christian Fellowship.

Today it is possible to feel alone in your own church. For those seeking contact with people of similar evangelical convictions:

(1) visit the ACC web page. Go Resources, Derek Schiller’s site for weekly on line discussion.

(2) People in Victoria wishing to link/interact with another person of evangelical conviction can contact http://www.ted.curnow@gmail.com

Church in Better Shape than you Think. From Melbourne Anglican Dec 2018

The Church is in better shape than you think says Karl Faase, chief executive of Christian media Olive Tree Media while offering statistical insights into Aussie Christianity. “Where the death is, is the death of nominalism” said Rev Faase. “Back in the 1900s people all wanted to identify as Christians. Today the narrative,---‘nobody likes the Church, everybody is leaving the Church---the Church is failing is false.

Nominalism has died---those who regard Christianity as a ‘thing of the heart’ have held steady. The Churchs that are failing the most in Australia numbers wise are certainly the Uniting Church---their numbers are falling prodigiously(enormously)—and depending on what Diocese you’re in your Anglicans aren’t doing so well either”

This all stands to say that while socially Christianity is becoming darker for some, its becoming lighter---much more meaningful for others.

Melbourne School of Theology Principal Tim Myers. http://www.mst.edu.au

Post Graduate Studies. To help Pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders grow their practise in ministry. Dr Peter Riddell.

Theology for Everyday Life.  MST (as above) in the City.  How should we be thinking about new stories like gay marriage, refugees and global warming? The challenges facing our world today require keen thinking and innovative practises in order to respond with relevance and integrity. Contact Dr Thomas, http://www.mst.edu.au/

Arthur Jeffery Centre for sound study of Islam.

This is Australia’s only specialist centre for the study of Islam and other Faiths. Learn what the Lord is doing in the Muslim world. Director Dr Richard Shumack..

40 days of Prayer Relay March 6-14 April 2019-

Let our Father’s heart for the lost, move you to:

(1) Walk together in love and unity, “one Father of all, over all, through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:1-6.

(2) Reveal our Father’s love in how you love others. 1 John 4:7

(3) Encourage each other as ‘sons’ and ‘fathers’ so many receive Jesus. Acts 2:17-39.

(40 Pray with others for your area and join the 40 Day Prayer Relay. Luke 18:7-8.

Register now, www. 40DayPrayerRelay.org.au

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