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Lord Save Me

24th October 2009

Matt. 14:30

Only three words spoken by Peter,
but what desperate words they were.
Sinking below the surface,
with the storm raging about him.
Seeing the storm and not Jesus.
His eyes losing focus.
Peter prayed only three words in desperation:
“Lord save me.”

Peter did not have time to fill the ether
with specially chosen words
as we so often do when we pray to God.

These short prayers,
uttered in a desperate situation
have been called “Arrow Prayers”.
Simple, short sentences,
expressed from a desperate soul in need.
Or in the joyousness of the soul,
winging to God with nothing between.

And they are so important.
For we can speak to God from any situation,
at any time in our daily lives.
Our prayers can be like Peter’s in a desperate situation,
or they can simply be thanks
for a beautiful sunrise,
or a perfectly formed rosebud,
or when touched by a brother or sister in Christ,
or when the Word springs to life in our minds.

Our days are filled with these Arrow Prayers
as we become more conscious of the Lord’s presence.

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