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Our Advocate

24th October 2013


1 John 1:1
"If anyone does sin,
we have an advocate who pleads our case
before the father."

Here is the sure and certain living word of God.

These are not my words,
they are God's truth.
That is one reason why
Jesus suffered on the cross,
that he could carry your and my sin.
Right now
he is sitting on the right hand of the father
interceding for our sins.
Therefore it is Jesus who can say to us
"your sins are forgiven".

My friends,
we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.
What wonderful, glorious,
astounding, all encompassing words these are.

If you labour under a load of sin,
as I do,
then accept his freedom to live today,
tomorrow and for the rest of your life
not carrying the load of your sins.

These words are really true,
that Jesus does "plead our case"
and that we really can live
with the joy of forgiveness
in our lives day by day.

Bob Imms 20.10.13.



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