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The ‘I AM’s’ of Jesus (Poem)

1st April 2011

The I AM's of Jesus in John's Gospel

To stress our great necessity
for life, and through eternity,
Jesus so often said, ‘I am' -
a frequent and amazing claim!
‘I am the Bread of Life', he said,
implying that by him we're fed.
Now those who ‘come' and who ‘believe'
will then his very life receive.

He also said, ‘I am the Vine'.
I live and die to make you mine,
and when you trust me, you will see
you are the ‘branches' joined to me.

‘Light of the world', he came to be,
and urged his followers to flee
from darkness in this world of sin,
and have the ‘light of life' within

Then too, as ‘the Good Shepherd', he
portrayed himself for you and me,
because like sheep we often stray,
and he will guide us in his way

He also said, ‘I am the Door'
to open up God's treasure store.
If then ‘by me you enter in'
you'll find salvation from your sin

‘I am the Way, the Truth, the Life',
‘the Resurrection and the Life'.
These promises are really true,
and Jesus brings them all to you.

As ‘Way, Truth, Life', with certainty
he'll steer us to eternity,
for ‘Resurrection' follows on
when we have trusted in God's Son

‘Jesus', his very special name,
means ‘Saviour', and that's why he came.
Then as he meets that deepest need,
he'll be our greatest Friend indeed!

Jesus still speaks these words today,
using such language to display
the blessings which to us are given
for life on earth - and then in heaven.



Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont, NSW

Quotations from John's Gospel in verse 2, ch 6:35; verse 3, ch 15:1; verse 4, ch 8:12; verse 5, ch 10:11; verse 6, ch 10:7; verses 7 and 8, ch 14:6 and 11:25.





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