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The Real Christmas (Poem)

18th December 2009

What will this Christmas mean to you as pressures come your way?
The shops all hope for bumper sales, but notice what they say:
‘Use credit cards for purchases with their extended pay',
But then your debts will quickly mount right up to Christmas Day.

We ask ourselves what food to eat and what gifts shall we buy?
And what can we afford to spend when prices seem so high?
We also know the petrol's up and everything costs more.
These are the Christmas questions that we really can't ignore.

Australia Post is busy, they prepare their special stamps.
The Travel Agents focus on their fine resorts and camps.
It's good to get away a while and share a family break,
But do be sure to pay your way for everybody's sake.

We welcome family and friends to show we really care.
We exchange cards and memories which we are glad to share.
We trim our Christmas trees and make our other decorations.
We really are so busy making all these preparations.

But pause awhile and be aware that Christmas was foretold,
For in the Bible we may read the prophecies of old.
The Saviour's life - even His death - are forecast and fulfilled.
The Gospels then record it; that's the base on which to build!

It's nice to hear the carols, but do grasp the words expressed,
For in that ‘lowly cattle-shed' God gave His very best.
He sent His own beloved Son, His precious gift to all,
His ‘shelter was a stable and his cradle was a stall'.

What did the angel really say? Whatever was the reason?
The ‘good news of great joy' explained the reason for the season.
‘A Saviour has been born to you' and ‘He is Christ the Lord'.
He's ‘ever to be worshipped', to be ‘trusted and adored'.

The angel choir then praised the Lord, and sang of ‘peace on earth',
But that hope seems in vain without response to Jesus' birth.
Our ‘peace with God' is found through Him; for that we need to pray,
Then there is hope for human peace when Jesus is ‘The Way'.

Ask God to help you understand His special revelation,
How Jesus came, lived, died and rose, to offer us salvation.
And if we understand aright the Bible's presentation,
Then we will have the focus for our Christmas celebration.

Remember those across the world who face such desperate need.
The Aiding Agencies all help, and for donations plead.
Just count your blessings in our land and generously give.
Live simply so that you can help the ones who barely live!

Revd Perry Smith (Belmont, December 2009)

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