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Practical and Pastoral – Ted Curnow

Tired Christians

Ted Curnow helps us reflect on our true calling and life as followers of Christ.

Equality is about Escape

Ted Curnow reflects on the growing debate about the concept of equality. He asks the question - Is the debate about "marriage equality" really about equality or is it related to a much deeper angst, an anxiousness of not really being at peace with one's self ?

The modern concept of equality grew out of the Reformation insistence on the equality of all people before God. It found its strength in the fact that it was seen as a permanent right because it was derived from something beyond the social, political whim of the day. God’s love was a love that encompassed all and it required equal respect of all people. We may well ask, “How does the strong secular appeal for equality today then differ from the equality that Wilberforce sought for the oppressed slaves of his time”?


The River of Life

Ted Curnow has written this Australian poetic reflection with the chronically ill or the un-cured person in mind and when there are times that normal words seem to run out.

Healing and the Uncured

Ted Curnow discusses God's healing for the uncured. He references several helpful books and illustrates at all times God's grace and love for us.

Celtic Bridges to the Future

Facing Meteoric Change in our contemporary world requires a paradigm change, not just a new model but a new way of thinking. This paper draws on insights from Celtic Christianity that are important for today and includes qestions for discussion. The paper can be read on-line or downloaded in a printable booklet form here.

Infant Baptism Enquiry

Enquiries about Infant Baptism

In this pastoral approach Ted Curnow suggests a way of managing enquiries. It seeks to offer the option of Family Thanksgiving to families who have chosen to remain outside the regular fellowship of the Church and it aims to take the practise of baptism seriously


Prepare Him Room

A Poem to help us celebrate the coming of the King.

Culture War Rage

What values should Christians adopt in this time of cultural challenge and often denigration of Christian beliefs, values and heritage? Ted Curnow explores this question, following on from previous reflections on Living as a Christian today.

Why I Signed the Canberra Declaration

Regular ACC Web Contributor, Rev. Ted (E.A.) Curnow helpfully explains the significance of The Canberra Declaration. For information about the Declaration please see:



Footy Fever and Faith

What is it about football that inspires fever pitched excitement among so many?  Why does the gospel do that for so few?