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SA News 2018 ACC National Gathering

The 2018 National Gathering of the ACC in Sydney was most encouraging for Uniting church members to persist in their UCA ministries.

The Rev. Rod James was re-elected onto the National Council of the ACC. Praise God for his highly valued contribution.

Membership of the ACC across the nation has been growing, particularly in the Eastern States.

The Basis of Union still has an important role in seeking to challenge the Same Gender Marriage decision. The Assembly may yet need to rethink the July decision to change the teaching of marriage.

Please continue to pray for the next Presbytery and Synod Meeting to request ‘concurrence’ of the Assembly from all congregations.

We are asking that members of SA Presbytery and SA Synod do their best to attend the November 15-17 meeting. It really matters.

SA ACC Movement News 2017

On 20th May 2017, the SA ACC Movement facilitated a one-day interactive conference on “The Radical Gospel”: Listening to the Reformation Witnesses

500 Years ago, in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This event sparked ‘The Reformation’.

The Uniting Church has very significant reformation roots. ‘Again and again’ we need to know or be reminded of the grace which justifies Christ’s people through faith, of the centrality of the person and work of Christ the Justifier, and of the need for a constant appeal to Holy Scripture (Basis of Union 10).

This seminar in 2017 was attended by over 70 members who affirmed that The Uniting Church continues to learn of the teaching of the Holy Scriptures in the obedience and freedom of faith, in the power of the promised gift of the Holy Spirit and from the witness of the Reformers as expressed in various ways.

The Audio/video talks can be heard by clicking below.

All four talks are available here:

Conference details are in the flyer


Emerging Leaders Camp 2017

2017 The Emerging Leaders Camp Report

The camp is held every two years and is facilitated by the SA-ACC Movement. Founder, (the late) Rev. Don Purdey, had a vision for a high quality camp to help emerging young leaders connect with the ACC, the wider church and with their faith. This vision continues to be realised.

The fourth ELA Camp held at Adare Uniting Venue, Victor Harbor, in late January 2017 was again a wonderful experience for young leaders from Mackay, Queensland, four from Sydney, two from Coromandel Valley, and one each from Waikerie, Port Augusta and Peterborough, selected by their churches to have four days of teaching, learning, experiencing, sharing, praying, singing and having fun together.

Andrew Klynsmith, Simon Dent, Mark Schultz & Rod James were the main speakers plus electives from Craig Bailey, Sam Chan, Isaac Moore/Kevin Marriott/Shirley James, Rod and Mark gave much food for thought, teaching and testimony to God’s faithfulness to those in leadership.  

Alumni of previous Camps - Ellen Burford (2013), Olivia Jaeschke (2015), Mercy Klynsmith (2015), Isaac Moore (2013), Kevin Marriott (2013) and James Ross-Naylor (2015) were part of the Planning team & led the event. Well done to the Planning Team and Mark as Convenor.

Worship in the Adare Church may not have had the beautiful backdrop experienced by those at former camps at Longwood (glass window looking over valley with trees), but how good it was to worship the Lord in music, song, prayer, gathered at the Lord’s table, hearing the Word of God and testimony to Jesus’ presence in the lives of his children.

How grand folk looked at the formal dinner as they were waited on, ate well, talked and listened to entertaining former Zimbabwean cricketer Henry Olonga share about his life living in Zimbabwe, playing international cricket, now living in exile and the ways Jesus has led him and continues to lead him & his family along this journey of life.

Comments about the four days included “it reinforced it is not our ministry – it is always Jesus' ministry”, “don’t make leaders like yourself – help others develop their ministry”, “was a great openness to share in small groups – hear others stories”, “valued developing relationships, getting to know folk”, “good to have young leaders and more experienced”,” loved the Dinner, getting dressed up and a great international speaker in Henry”, “variety of speakers – different perspectives – in our weakness others can step up”, “Faith & Culture elective helpful”, “getting to know/ hear about others life and experience”, “working out what sort of leader you are – liberating”, “change of venue worked well and was great” and “sense of unity and peace”.

The next ACC SA Emerging Leaders Award Camp will be January 2019.    Don’t miss out!  Start planning now!

                                                                                                                         Shirley James

SA ACC Movement News


Date:     THURSDAY 23rd November

Time:         11am (With lunch to follow - bring something to share)
Location: Glenunga Uniting Church Cnr Bevington Rd & L`Estrange St Glenunga

- Hear an update following the ACC 2016 Conference being held this year at Poatina in Tasmania, Nov 7-9th

- Hear more about ELA 2017 to be held Jan 26 -29 2017 at Adare Victor Harbor.

- ACC SA Conference on “Courage & Confidence in Christ” in August as we continue to work alongside HopeNet.

- Hear about a book worth reading “Stealing from a Child” The Injustice of Marriage Equality by David van Gend.

- Receive SA financial report.

Latest ACC SA Newsletter - October 2016 Download click here


2016 SA ACC Conference (with Hope Network SA)

Courage and Confidence in Christ: 18 - 20 August 2016

Around 70 ACC SA Members and members from all over Australia joined together at this strategic conference: Confessing Jesus Christ Through the Basis of Union. In the face of the many challenges and difficulties we currently experience within the UCA, we can be assured that Christ is still present to his church

and that we are being led and sustained by our faithful God in and through the day-to-day life of the church and in our proclamation of the gospel.
This conference is intended to remind and encourage us that, “the Church is able to live and endure through the changes of history only because its Lord comes, addresses, and deals with people in and through the news of his completed work.”
(Paragraph 4 BoU)
Download the information flyer here
Presentations from the Conference are being made available here (PDF format to download - click on title)
Rev. Rod James: Fire in the Belly: The Holy Spirit in the Basis of Union
Rev. Andrew Klynsmith: Jesus Rules the World
Rev. Trevor Faggotter: Jesus and the Gospel (Para. 4)


A Word from Rev. Rod James - What is a confessing movement?

The ACC is an assembly of congregations and individuals who identify together to make a shared confession of Christ. We sometimes say, ‘The ACC confesses Christ according to the faith of the one holy, catholic and apostolic church, as that faith is described in the Basis of Union'. This confession is not only made in the statements and papers of the National Council and its Commissions. Your personal confession of Christ, and your participation in the collective confession of our assembly, is as important as what happens nationally or at a state level. One very helpful way of participating in the ACC i s to take responsibility for keeping yourself informed so that instead of being the person who asks, "What is the ACC doing?" you are the person who can answer that question when someone else asks it.

Grace and peace to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the love of the Father, and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
Rev. Rod James, on behalf of the ACC SA Leadership Group

The ACC - Who we are

Within the Uniting Church context of a very broad range of theology and practice, the ACC is a nationwide body of congregations and individuals whose vision is confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, proclaiming the truth, renewing the church.

Our goals include

  1. Encouraging the confession of Christ according to the faith of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, as that faith is described in the UCA’s Basis of Union.
  2. Providing resources, seminars and conferences to build up believers, develop their gifts, and equip them for life, mission and works of service.
  3. Encouraging Christian believers in earnest prayer through our Prayer Network.
  4. Encouraging younger members of the Uniting Church in their faith and participation.
  5. Communicating about current events and issues through our website, our national magazine ACCatalyst and local newsletters.

Our logo
The cross and the Bible speak of our faith in Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture.  The UCA’s “Forward Together” version of the dove and flame underlines our desire to offer our conviction and action within the UCA and for its benefit.  The intertwined “C”s symbolise our confession of Christ and the congregational basis of our formation.

Working nationally: Four commissions enable the ACC to speak and work with expertise nationally.  They are:

Theology and Ecumenical Relationships      Discipleship and Evangelism       Social Responsibility      Cross Cultural                            

What does ACC do here in SA to help you?
The ACC South Australian Movement (ACC SA) has an active leadership team conducting meetings, events and seminars to assist believers

  • to grow in their faith and be active in prayer, worship and fellowship
  • to share their faith and respond to current issues in the church and the world
  • to develop their congregations as vibrant expressions of the Good News.
  • to experience God’s Word in action through healing broken lives and reconciling relationships.
  • providing printed, audio, and audio/visual resources on a wide range of topics. visiting your church, or you personally, wherever you live.


2015 News

the 2015 ACC SA ANNUAL GET-TOGETHER was held on 

THURSDAY 12th November 12

at Glenunga Uniting Church Cnr Bevington Rd & L`Estrange St Glenunga: News and Business included

  the ACC 2015 Conference (more than 100 gathered from all the States) its outcomes and insight into the way ahead. - Reports will be available, also addresses by speakers, “School of Faith” vision, and more
 Looking at ways of building our fellowship with and support for one another at a local level
– ACC leadership team visiting congregations to preach and teach & inform on national work.
- Lenten Bible study 2016
- Teaching weekend on the Basis of Union
 Engaging with ACC national exec in the development of the “School of Faith” idea that was floated and which the conference agreed to see further developed, and finding ways locally to begin some trial “experiments” in how that might work
 Working alongside HopeNet
  SA financial report

Daniel Shayesteh's 2015 Visit                 Click on link here to read the report from Grant Jewell

Daniel's visit was organised by Hope Network with ACC SA co-sponsoring.


We give thanks to God for the ACC 2015 National Conference held in Adelaide Mon 14th to Wed 16th September at Nunyara Conference Centre Belair and hosted by the ACC SA Movement.


Emerging Leaders Camp 2015

JAMES ROSS-NAYLOR’S ELA JOURNAL   Edited journal from James - click here


Our highlight has been the Emerging Leaders Award Camp held over 4 days 29th Jan to 1st Feb.  The planning team for the 3rd of these events included the instigator Rev Don Purdey (until his death in July), Pastor Mark Schultz (picked up the admin),Jill Schunke (prayer), Anneke van de Loo (bookstall),  5 former Awardees Malcolm Purdey & Dylan Agnew (2011), Kevin Marriot, Ellen Burford & Isaac Moore (2013) with Rod James as Convenor.   Coming from rural congregations Clare, Balaklava & Minlaton & urban churches Burnside, Glenunga, Croydon United & Coro Valley they did a wonderful job!! 

The event had 14 Awardees with one from St George (Qld), plus Glenunga, Golden Grove, Kangarilla, Kangaroo Island, Minlaton, Port Augusta, Prospect Hill & Waikerie in SA.   Ages varied from 16 -26.  Speakers were Derek & Jodi Schiller, Simon Dent, Rod James & Mark Schultz; other Elective leaders included Dave Brown, Craig Bailey & Shirley James with Robyn Painter bringing message at worship.

Topics included “Joining Christ’s Ministry”, “A Leader makes Leaders”, ”ACC- what, why ,who, how?”, “Why would Jesus want me to be a Leader”, :”The Making of a Leader” and electives on “The habits of highly effective leaders”, “Faith sharing”, Public Speaking & Worship Leading”, “Bridge building outside the church”, “Women in ministry leadership” & “Love, dating & marriage”. 

Comments received included “great, intense, focussed teaching & mentoring plus practical advice”; “instant fellowship/connection”; “huge learning/growth opportunity”; “finding my identity in Christ”; “so nice to be served and shown example by senior leaders”; “Refreshed joy for leadership, knowing it’s Christ’s ministry not our own”; talks interconnected-many links/points driven home around all talks”; “felt valued by others”.                    

ACC SA is grateful to Rod James for his leadership of ELA and he is pleased to know that Mark Schultz (2015 Co-leader)  & Dylan Agnew  have picked up responsibility for ELA 2017 as well as others of the 2015 team willing to continue on the team !!!  Rod will continue to act as a resource to the group.


Praise the Lord for Rev Andrew Klynsmith & Pastor David Kowalick (both half time pastors at Fishgate – a church plant from Coro Valley), Rev Trevor Faggotter (commenced ministry at Clare UC in Feb  after time in at North Western Community Church) & Darian Jones (doing Year of Discernment) who put up their hands to join Shirley James (Treasurer) as Leadership Team for ACC SA in 2015 at an ACC SA gathering at Glenunga UC in November 2014.  Expression of thanks was made to the Acting Convenor Rev Rod James for holding the group together over the past couple of years!  Rod will continue to be available as a Resource to the new Leadership team.

The passing of ACC SA Secretary Rev Don Purdey July 2014

At the 2015 ELA Formal Dinner, Annette, Don’s wife and their daughter Ruth attended and Don’s vision from the Lord for the event was acknowledged again.   One of their sons Malcolm was a member of the 2015 ELA Planning group & group leader and attended with his wife and daughter. Time was taken reflecting on and being thankful for the life of Rev Don Purdey took place with expressions of appreciation, love and support given to his wife Annette who was attending and their family. Don died suddenly following a battle with Motor Neurone Disease. 


Report on the 2014 ACC Conference held in Sydney 11-13 September.

The Assembly of Confessing Congregations (within the Uniting Church in Australia) held its annual Conference and AGM recently in a UC conference centre near Chatswood in Sydney.

The theme was Truth, faith and freedom in a hostile world. This proved to be a gripping topic with speakers elaborating the progressive loss of religious freedoms in Australia and the increasing persecution of Christians around the world.

ACC’s National Chair, Rev Shane Kammermann (formerly of Coro Uniting), set the tone of the Conference in his address at the opening worship. He explained that the ‘Yes’ of God in the gospel had a ‘No’ in it to apostasy and the old life of sin.

Excellent Bible Studies were provided on the two mornings of the conference by Dr Geoff Aernie from the UC theological college in Sydney. His theme was Faith and Truth in Mark’s Gospel.

Professor Patrick Parkinson spoke of the expanding reach of anti-discrimination law in Australia, and the contraction of religious freedom to freedom of worship.

Rev. Peter Kurti from the Centre for Independent Studies said that, while recent aggressive secularism was working to remove religion from the public arena, a truly secular society had its roots in Christianity, and true equality of persons came from the biblical doctrine of humanity created in the image of God.

Seminars were held on the themes Preaching Today, Cross-Cultural Ministry, and Living for Christ in a Sex-Drunk World.

The speaker for the Conference Rally was Iranian Pastor Fred Selahi, from the Coromandel Valley congregation who brought with him three Iranians from Adelaide and a number from
Sydney and Melbourne. Fred told the moving and amazing story of his coming to Christ and his subsequent fleeing to Australia. An offering was taken for the persecuted church and as a result $750 will be given to the Barnabus Fund and $750 to Christian Faith and Freedom.

The Tongan contingent created a novel opportunity through dance for an offering towards ACC. The offering amounted to $2,250

On the final morning of the Conference Elizabeth Kendal from Christian Faith and Freedom gave a stunning overview of the persecuted church world-wide and the devastating onslaught of militant Islam. Her passionate call to Christians in Australia to stand with their suffering brothers and sisters made a deep impression on all of us at the Conference.

During the AGM sessions there was an extended discussion time exploring what might happen at the UCA National Assembly in Perth in July 2015 with respect to the Uniting Church’s doctrine of marriage. It was reported that the ACC responses to the Discussion Paper on Marriage had been widely circulated and used by many congregations beyond the ACC.

It was resolved that the ACC encourage its members, clusters and congregations to join in ACC’s ministry of prayer by engaging in prayer and fasting on each Friday, and to take part in the Sacred Season of Prayer and Fasting leading up to the 2015 Assembly.

Next year’s conference will be held in Adelaide in September, just 2 months after the National Assembly. This will be an important and decisive occasion for ACC and for many in the Uniting Church who are concerned about the marriage question. Overall this conference was inspiring and fulfilling. It is a pity that distances in our vast land limit the number who can attend from interstate.

Shirley and Rod James   (October 2014) for

Owen & Marion Davis, Rev Murray Earl, Rev David Hoffman & Mark Ross-Naylor.

(SA Delegates to the 2014 Conference.)


February 2015 Newsletter

For the latest ACC SA Newsletter about the ministry of the 2015 SA ACC Movement (PDF format) please click here.

ACC-SA Newsletter February 2015 (Edited version)

Greetings members and supporters of ACC in South Australia in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Some news for 2015 !
* LENTEN STUDIES Haven’t decided on what your church / study group / or you individually are using this Lent?? “Our Friend, the Son of God” is a collection of daily writings by UCA folk from around the nation including SA’s Ian Clarkson (Hope Network), Rob Tann (KI), Karen Heinrich (Coonalpyn), & Neil McIntosh (Coro–not Branches) and Derek Schiller (St George) & Shane Kammerman (Cairns) now Queenslanders. Paul Langkamp (Victoria) has collated these.
A PDF document is attached for you to download and use through the period leading to Easter. Also available at – http://www.confessingcongregations.com Resources Bible Studies “Lenten Devotional Series”.
**An event in March is a visit by Dr Daniel Shayesteh organised by Pastor Grant Jewell with support from Hope Network & ACC SA. Daniel is an Irian with amazing testimony to God’s love and grace.
Friday March 13th 7.30pm Balaklava UC
Saturday March 14th 9.30-12.30 Tea Tree Gully UC
Sunday March 15th 10am Coro UC.
Click here for a flyer to distribute
*** New ministries commencing this month include Rev Trevor Faggotter at Clare & Andrew Everson at Waikerie. Pray for these servants of the Lord , their families and the congregations as they together serve the Lord within their communities and indeed for all our ministers, Lay Pastors and Leaders.
**** ACC Emerging Leaders Award Camp held Jan 29—Feb 1, 2015 at Longwood Campsite near Mylor - Thank you for the generous donations from congregations and individuals that made this teaching, training and ministry experience possible for the 14 young people and thanks to the 16 plus others who brought the teaching sessions, electives, led small groups, cooked, served, prayed, had book stall & enabled a great 4 days to be shared. (This was the third camp – held every 2nd year & the vision of late Rev Don Purdey.)
Topics included “Joining Christ’s Ministry”, “A Leader makes Leaders”, ”ACC- what, why ,who, how?”, “Why would Jesus want me to be a Leader”, :”The Making of a Leader” and electives on “The habits of highly effective leaders”, “Faith sharing”, Public Speaking & Worship Leading”, “Bridge building outside the church”, “Women in ministry leadership” & “Love, dating & marriage”.
Comments received included “great, intense, focussed teaching & mentoring plus practical advice”; “instant fellowship/connection”; “huge learning/growth opportunity”; “finding my identity in Christ”; “so nice to be served and shown example by senior leaders”; “Refreshed joy for leadership, knowing it’s Christ’s ministry not our own”; talks interconnected-many links/points driven home around all talks”; “felt valued by others”.
A Journal by one of the Awardee’s will be published in June ACCatalyst & be available later on ACC Website.
***** Sampson Flat Bushfire – Thanks for prayers in response to email from Anita (Minlaton) -
I give thanks to God and all those who rallied around to pray for protection of people's lives during the recent Sampson Flat fire. People responded quickly for which I am very grateful as I knew of several families who could so easily have been in a worst situation, but for the prayers of the faithful. Those who have been devastated need our continued prayers as they try to pick up the pieces and make new lives for their families. May this experience bring people into the saving knowledge of Jesus our Lord and help them to see the love of God through the Christians around them as they attempt to support them in gifts of food, clothes, shelter, finance and prayer. May God's name be gloried in all that we do in His name. Blessings Anita
We trust that this newsletter finds you strong and in good heart in the life
that our Lord Jesus affords to all who trust in Him.
Yours in the blessing and love of Christ,
ACC SA Movement Leadership Team 2015
Andrew Klynsmith 0401 935 823 Convenor/Secretary, Trevor Faggotter 0438 259 206,
David Kowalick 0413 098 965, Darian Jones 0402 346 553, Shirley James 0432 940 512
Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
nor my covenant of peace be removed,"
says the LORD, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

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