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Tasmania news and activities

ACC Southern Cluster Gatherings 2019

The ACC Southern Cluster holds regular meetings during the year at Wesley Church, Melville Street, Hobart at 2.00 pm.

Sunday 26 May 2019: Focus: Scripture Union.

Sunday 3 March 2019: A gathering for worship: Focus on the reflections on the Lectionary readings for the week.

Tasmanian ACC Events


ACC Tasmanian are holding a seminar as part of the School of Faith.

The Bible and the Basis

Date: Saturday 29th June                    

Venue: Ulverstone UC, Tasmania

Time: 10 am for 10.30 -12.30            

Morning tea supplied BYO lunch

The ZOOM link  for Saturday 29th June is https://www.zoom.us/j/3933734474


Note: The ACC Southern Cluster meets at Wesley Church Hall, Melville Street, Hobart at 2.00 pm.

2019 Meetings

May 26: Speaker from Scripture Union


2018 ACC Southern Cluster meetings

On 18 November Rev Hong, the Minister of Hobart Faith Methodist Church spoke. HFMC is part of the Chinese Methodist Church and has been meeting since 2018 in the original Methodist 1820 church in Melville Street, and joining with the locals in the Wesley church on several occasions.

August 25: ACC National Director Peter Bentley spoke about the 15th Assembly and issues arising for the Uniting Church

May 20: Raj Chopra from the Inter-Cultural Church spoke about his journey from a Hindu in India to Christian leadership in Tasmania.


Working on a 21st Century Future

Miriam Imms provides a word of encouragement from Tasmania.

Like so many smaller churches right around our country, we look into the 21st century with queries in our minds. What is ahead, how can we be more effective, what are our finest assets, how do we fulfil Christ's command to go into all the world, including our local community, and live the gospel?

Without the usual regular minister, our own Ministry Team takes its role very responsibly.  A few years ago they planned a whole congregation weekend and called well-known speaker and former EMU field-worker and ACC member Gil Cann from Victoria to lead us in a time of study, reflection and encouragement - A Vision for the Future.

We publicised the event widely in local media, and were most encouraged to have solid support from ACC members from around the Hobart area. From Saturday afternoon we looked at Understanding Our Times and Being God's People in the 21st century. We considered the dramatic changes to society from the 1970s, some of which happened without us even noticing, but have challenged the role of the local church. "Healthy churches", said Gil, "are still God's primary means of demonstrating and furthering His kingdom". But we are in an era of post-Christendom in which we are actually both chaplains to the faithful but missionaries in a dis-interested world. The way we worship and present the gospel needs a fresh look.

When we meet, we do so as a group coming not so much to worship, but in fact, coming from worship. For in our day when most folk we would love to see in the church are busily out elsewhere, it is our role from Monday to Saturday that is of immense importance. Gil asked us to look again at our people who gather on Sundays and consider the number we each meet and interact with between regular worship times. Even in our small congregations that number is huge, and of vital importance. Our wonderful Sunday lunch was catered for by a well-known professional chef, from Café Cezanne, in Coffs Harbour, recently come on a ‘seachange' to the Channel, so freeing the ladies to be in the studies. Rumpole said he didn't believe in co-incidences, and a bishop said, "Funny thing, when I pray, co-incidences happen!" The Channel Choir enthusiastically joined us for the innovative lunch and sang to us.

This is our church at mission, and when we meet together we need to encourage, listen to other's experiences, and pray for and equip each other for the week ahead.

Miriam Imms
Member of the ACC Tasmanian Southern Cluster